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Who is Are We There? 

Are We There is a company run by a mum.. As you can tell by the product photos, they are photographed, edited and posted on the website by this mum so they don't always look perfect, or aligned! As opposed to spending money on a professional photographer, this is the way we have chosen to do this. Please browse the product categories and feel free to contact us with suggestions.

The idea for "Are We There" began on a road trip in Queensland after travelling with 3 kids aged 3, 5 and 10; on planes, boats, buses and cars for 2 weeks. "Are We There Yet?" was a popular question, and soon everyone knew the answers to "Eye Spy!" Mum began to think - we need something for the kids to do whilst traveling!  "Are We There"-  A website providing fun games and activities,often educational. Designed to provide lots of fun and entertainment.

Activities to do by themselves, or games to play with a parent, friend or sibling. Let's face it - you are already so busy booking the trip, packing the bags, organising someone to water the plants and feed the dog (or is that water the dog and feed the plants?), when do you get time to put together packs for the kids, and keep them hidden, (unopened!) until you leave?

It doesn't end there- now when we go out, we are complimented on the kids' good behaviour.  But you know what?  They are good because we are busy playing games- banagrams and hangman are particular favorites!

And so Are We There was born - A website designed so you can order items, have them sent to your home prior to leaving, then give to your child on the plane, bus, boat or car (or in the restaurant!)

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